EEBC Advocacy

As the central trade organization for the energy efficiency industry in Colorado, our organization’s primary mission is to advocate for the energy efficiency industry in Colorado. Our goal is to grow the energy efficiency market in Colorado as well as ensuring quality standards for implementation. We are a coalition of leading businesses collaborating to develop a profitable & sustainable energy efficient market. We provide our member companies real & impactful access to policy makers in the public & private sector and keep them informed on relevant issues & topics that affect their businesses. We focus on advocacy while our members focus on building strong businesses.

EEBC serves as the coherent voice of the industry at

• Colorado Public Utilities Commission

• Colorado Energy Office

Federal Policy

State Policy

• Xcel Energy, Tri-State, Black Hills and Other Colorado Utilities

• Success Stories

• What is Energy Efficiency?

Invest in Growing the Energy Efficiency Industry
and Opportunities for Growing Your Business

EEBC advocates for the growth of a profitable energy efficiency industry

  • Providing a cohesive voice for energy efficiency businesses to local utilities, state legislature and city program managers
  • Regulatory representation and counsel at utility demand side management/energy efficiency program meetings
  • Engaging with members of the general assembly to promote state legislation that support energy efficiency businesses
  • Taking part in the development of municipal energy efficiency programs and initiatives 
  • Share your expertise by joining our industry specific program and policy working groups

       Docket #10A- 554EG (Xcel Energy Strategic Issues ) 

       Docket #471EG (2011 Xcel Energy DSM Plan)

       Docket  #11A-631EG (2012-13 Xcel Energy DSM Plan)

       Docket #12A-100EE (2012-2015 Black Hills DSM Plan

       Docket #10A- 554EG (Xcel Energy Strategic Issues )  

       Docket #10A- 554EG (Xcel Energy Strategic Issues )  

Federal and State Legislation

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