March 16, 2023 - Rebate RoundUp!

Watch the video of the meeting here.

Meeting Agenda & EEBC Slides

EEBC Hiring & Training Pipeline Flyer

Speaker Handouts/Links: 

EEBC Policy/Legal Panel: 

DSM Rebates Win Summary

Strategic Issues Wins Summary

Action Group Co-Chairs Discussion

City & County of Denver Rebates Presentation:

Residential &Commercial/multi-family

Denver Relaunch 3035 Electrification Rebate Program Slides

Rebate Updates Panel Discussion with:

Colorado Energy Office 

Xcel Energy - 

CO Res Rebate Summary Sheet 2023

CO Top Residential Trade Partners 2022

Xcel Rebate newsletter (with links to HP Training Slides and Sales videos)

Tri-State Transmission & Generation

Platte River Power Authority (PRPA)

Holy Cross Energy -

Holy Cross Rebate Overview Slides

Group discussion on draft of their HP Standards Spreadsheet (from BELCO meeting)


Dec 15, 2022 - Inflation Reduction Act - What to Expect:

12/15/22 Graphic Invitation

Video of presentation with slides on YouTube


PAC Meeting Documents:

November 7, 2022:

Meeting Agenda Slides | Download
Xcel Energy’s First Term Sheet Response from 11/4/2022 meeting to EEBC Members’ 2023 DSM Plan | Download
 Strategic Issues (SI)+ Beneficial Electrification Plan | Download
EEBC’s reviewed Testimony Outline and the controversial issues anticipated in SI | Download
2023 DSM BE Plan - Comprehensive Settlement Agreement. posted 1/26/2023.
Summary of Results DSM Rebates - EEBC Proposals to Xcel Energy

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