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Mobilizing the HVAC/HP Supply Chain Together by 2030

For HP/HVAC Contractors, Distributors, & Manufacturers


Contact, Patricia Rothwell 303-319-5623 | patricia@eebco.org

The mission of the HVAC/HP Action Group is to work together to accelerate and transition HVAC and HP sales by taking advantage of the market development happening in Colorado to reach shared utility, city jurisdictions, and state electric and carbon-free goals by 2030.


NEEP | Air Source Heat Pump Buying Guide 

Xcel Energy | Heat Pump Sizing & Selection Guide

Xcel Energy | Heat Pump Installation Guide

A Conversation About Heat Pumps | Slide Deck
BEL-CO, Quality Install Committee Organizations

EEBC & SWEEP | New Colorado Policies to Advance Building Electrification & Energy Efficiency Will Boost Jobs 2021s

 You’re invited to bring your expertise to 


to discuss the HVAC/HP industry needs for current and future utility

rebate programs and Colorado’s new energy and electrification trends

Topics identified to date by our members:

  • How can the HVAC/HP industry strengthen collaboration with utilities for mutual benefit more frequently than every 2 years?
  • Assist utilities to achieve DSM and state-mandated emissions reduction targets from the 2021 legislation that just passed
  •  Increase market penetration and adoption of energy-efficient HVAC/HP
  •  Identify the groups working to accelerate HP sales by 2030 - in the next 9 years
  • Give input into the market development tools, resources, and training for contractors, from EEBC, BELCO, distributors, and manufacturers?
  • Identify 2021 Building Electrification Legislation's impact on the HVAC/HP business opportunities in the field
  • New Codes pending — GFCI for inverters status update
  • New Clean Energy Fund Program — An opportunity to give your input to influence the financing offering for your customers
  • Find opportunities in the Beneficial Electrification [BE] and Commercial Building Benchmarking Programs

Bring Your Concerns, Ideas, & Topic Suggestions. We’re here to listen.

EEBC member, Jonathon Moscatello, owner of The Heat Pump Store and Mainstream Innovations, and the Director of Business Development at Daikin Industries, Ltd, will be providing training.

Interested in co-chairing the HVAC/HP ACTION GROUP? Contact, Patricia@eebco.org

                                                  Let's tackle these issues together to create business opportunities

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